Helping new employees understand the philosophy of the company they join



A global family-led manufacturing company that was expanding rapidly through organic growth and acquisitions wanted to bring all those joining the company into the family. As a company that was expanding, there were new people joining at different levels, from the shop floor to leadership positions, including both junior and senior roles. The goal was to provide these new members with a sense of belonging and trust. The company wanted them to feel trusted right from the beginning, with opportunities for growth and a genuine concern for their well-being.


The company embraces a philosophy and a way of working that is unique and conscious of all the stakeholders. However, this approach of the group company was not getting passed on to new professionals joining globally. Many people who joined were never properly explained the true essence of that company.


We crafted an induction program that allowed new employees at all levels to experience the company's family-like atmosphere, its philosophy of creating value, and its belief in its ambitious goals. We gathered stories and anecdotes, produced movies and presentations, and combined this into a two-hour program for every new employee. We then translated the program into multiple languages.


The HR teams noticed a boost in enthusiasm and motivation among the new joiners and a sense of being "proud to be part of" the company. New joiners responded that they felt inspired and touched to discover the true nature of the company they had joined.