Communication for visionary leaders

We use all the arts of creative storytelling to help large-scale entrepreneurs deliver personal, transformational leadership, that changes the world for the better.



Creating your narrative

We work with founders to define the overall company narrative . Based on our proven workshop and interview program and a review of what you already have (e.g. vision statement, values ​​etc.), we construct the five foundations of your story and wrap it in your own visual language and tone of voice:

• Your desired role in the world
• Your company's "endless-value creation circle" and sustainability
• Employee values ​​and mindset
• Performance


Institution building & internal communication

We ensure your key internal initiatives embody the company ethos, values ​​and principles. We have extensive experience supporting:

• Leadership transition and succession planning
• Top management presentations for internal off-sites
• Internal leadership-training programs
• Recruitment and induction programs
• Acquisition-integration programs


Customers, partners and society relationship

Customers are drawn not just by your products and services but by your business philosophy, purpose and approach to sustainability. We help you craft your narrative and develop world-class creative expressions that capture your company ethos to help you and your marketing and business development teams shine in:

• Keynote speeches at customer and industry meetings
• Major new-product launch events
• Customer and partner events
• New business pitches
• Support for Corporate Social Responsibility


Attracting, retaining and briefing investors

Committed investors are drawn by a compelling story about how your purpose and values drive innovation, generate customer value and promise strong, long-term performance. We help you build and creatively present a strong narrative around your numbers that strengthens their trust. We have more than a decade of experience working with founders, CFOs and finance teams on:

• Launch events for new strategic plans
• Investor meets and road shows
• Annual reports and corporate websites
• Investor calls

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Our work is dedicated to help entrepreneurs inspire the people that matter with their vision and philosophy, at scale. So they engage more people in their leadership.


Strong values create financial value for all stakeholders. And from this starting point, we help ambitious, large-scale entrepreneurs touch the hearts and minds of the people that matter.

THEY are a creative leadership-communications agency, obsessed with helping entrepreneurs inspire the people that matter, so they join your company’s journey: your customers, employees, investors, partners.

We started in Amsterdam in 2005. Our first manifesto film was for a billion dollar manufacturing company. It did not show its machines or products. Instead, it showed what the company stands for, what it means to its employees, how it strives to help its customers. It showed where it fits into this world.
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Our clients

Being the vanguard of the entrepreneur’s vision means that our clients expect us to stand by them and our teams want to be always there for them. We therefore limit the number of clients we take on. Below is a selection of entrepreneur-led organisations we are working with or have worked with in the past.

Other client experience

We have broad industry experience. Below is a small selection of clients we have worked with.

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