Sharing strategic plans with investors



One of the world's fastest-growing automotive suppliers wanted to explain to its institutional investors how it would be able to achieve the 5-year targets it had set for itself.


How could we go beyond Excel sheets and industry forecasts to instil a sense of trust in the group's strategy - among the 200 investors invited to the company's investor day?


We helped the entrepreneurs and management create a three-hour program. This included a comprehensive business case embedded in an inspiring and entertaining 1-hour feature film, in which the entrepreneur took the audience around the world to significant plants. At each stop, he interviewed plant managers on how they worked towards each aspect of the 5-year goals. This allowed investors to see how the company managed its complex global operations and provided an inside look into the mindset and values of the people involved, something a PowerPoint presentation could never convey.


An anonymous survey conducted after the event revealed that an overwhelming 98% of attendees gave the‍ program the maximum possible rating.