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Capturing the entrepreneur’s vision



A legendary global photography company found itself operating in an environment of tremendous technological change. Its reputation was tied to analogue cameras, which had become largely obsolete. Its products were less convenient than the best smartphone cameras.


The meaning of photography had changed, and with that, the context defined the purpose of the company and its products. The question that the owner-entrepreneur asked was: “How do we get the company back up there where it belongs? Not claiming a 10% market share, but say a 1% share.”


We prepared and led a deep introspection with the management. We analysed the root causes of its problems, which could not be solved through communication. The company needed a new positioning and product and marketing strategy. Together, we identified the sweet spot where the company could be better than the competition while remaining true to its heritage and engaging more with its existing and potential users by opening flagship stores around the world.


Together, we defined the outlines of a new strategy to drive the company forward by engaging more strongly with customers and bringing back its “avant-gardiste” spirit.