Infusing the entrepreneur’s philosophy in the positioning of products and services



An infrastructure powerhouse with strong family values that strives to be a trusted partner in nation-building won the bid to construct an airport terminal. They envisioned it to be more than just bricks and mortar, something uniting the world with the vibrant essence of India, something that can be a gateway to modern India.


A large family-led infrastructure company was building a huge new international airport terminal in New Delhi. The entrepreneurs wanted it to act as a gateway to modern India for tourists and business travellers from all over the world. This terminal was supposed to be more than just steel and glass—it was supposed to be a symbol of connection, welcoming travellers from every corner of the globe to embrace the beauty and wonder of India’s contemporary spirit, but capturing the Indian culture was not easy. So, how could we create an airport experience that united the vibrancy of India’s modern spirit with the essence of its ancient culture?


We created four strategic themes for the terminal design that resonated with the family’s values, drawing inspiration from the four life goals of Indian philosophy: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (prosperity), Kama (pleasure) and Moksha (liberation). The family selected the “Kama” theme, which became the guide for the design of the terminal as well as for all communication, which we created under the theme of “explore”.


The terminal provides travellers with a diverse, pleasurable experience within an Indian context. In the year the terminal opened, it won an award for ‘Best Improved Airport’ in the Asia Pacific Region from the Airports Council International (ACI). It has gone on to win global and regional ‘Best Airport’ awards almost every year since then.