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Are you a Freelance Designer with good Annual Report experience and do you work with iMac? If so, read on!

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We are based in Europe (A’dam) and India (Delhi), working for European and Indian clients. We are looking for a creative annual report/sustainability report designer to work on for a well-known automotive client from March/April 2022 to July/August 2022. You will be working on concepts and design so you are able to be super creative! The ideal person must have experience in editorial design. You know InDesign, photoshop and illustrator as the back of your hand. You will need to be an efficient and fast worker, whilst also at the same time having incredible attention to detail and even more flexible when it comes to working hours. Sometimes you work 14 hours, sometimes none, sometimes at 6 am in the morning, sometimes till late evening. On a day to day basis, you will be working alongside a creative director and a project manager but also amongst a creative team of around 8 people. In addition to this, you must be punctual and willing to show the team what you have. You are also very good at taking feedback positively and you are very eager to learn a lot from your creative art director. Only candidates who are available for the whole period of beginning April till July/August will be considered for this. Your portfolio must reflect your experience with Annual Reports and editorial design. Please apply with Portfolio and up to date CV if you have worked or can work:

THEY THINK DIFFERENTLY and we work for entrepreneurs and family-run companies that think big. THEY listen carefully to understand the vision of our clients, to understand why they do what they do and in the way they do it. We think about how to help sell their vision so it becomes a reality.THEY WORK DIFFERENT and mostly with part-time (and/or self employed) specialists who have a great talent in a particular area. Even if you work freelance, you are still part of our team that feels like a family. As a freelancer, you’ll work on a retainer basis, even if we have no work for you. If there is more work than that, we will give you additional work.THEY ARE FAMILY, not your ‘client’. Our client is your client. You will become part of THEY. It does not matter who comes up with the best idea, as THEY do. You will work with us, not for us. You will become one of us. You will enjoy your work. You will have a life besides your job (because your job will be your life ;-), And working late or on weekends now and then is part of the deal, as it means you might be free when others are on their 9 to 5 jobs. Do apply if you are:

experience with Annual and/or Sustainability report
experience in editorial design
indesign, photoshop, illustrator as the back of your hand
you are very flexible in your working hours
you are okay with working with different time zones around the world
your are a team player
feedback is always taken positively

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THEY DON’T CARE what your age is, or your education. We trust you to know yourself best. We trust ourselves to have done the job description right. In the end, it’s just a matter of getting the job done on a high level and sometimes even on the highest. So don't apply if you already know you're not qualified for it. In case you are and you would love to prove yourself, do click the button below! THEY love to hear from you.

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