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Committed to bringing to life the complex meanings and personal insights of visionary entrepreneurs and large companies through simple messaging, images and impactful headlines.

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THEY help conceptualize your value creation strategy and map new opportunities. We then help you articulate the optimal positioning and remain by your side to tell your story to the people who matter most. Whether it is by developing feature documentaries or online platforms, new services or annual reports, campaigns or community programs, client presentations or inspiring speeches to your top people - or critical presentations to your investors. THEY help you touch the hearts and minds of those for whom you exist, and on whose support you depend to realise your ambitions.


Senior leaders are not just working. The company is their life’s work and it’s not easy to express the company’s deepest beliefs and passion. THEY go beyond the numbers, while communicating the essence of the clients vision. We articulate why stakeholders should have a long term faith in the company at a strategic and visionary level. We enable the client to capture people’s imagination and mind by providing the wallpaper to their story.

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She has a flare for design and is a passionate worker who follows the continuous improvement mantra.
Anshu Jha
Junior Strategist
Proficient in design, she’s a creative genius having no limits to her ingenuity.
Gini Singh
Sr. Creative Strategist
A strategist, methodical thinker and a visionary, his presentations have people enraptured.
Tjaco Walvis
Director and Strategist
She creates effective and engaging content, breathing life into everything she writes.
Ronita Chatterjee
Content writer
Witty with a keen eye for detail, his personality helps him achieve everything he puts his mind to.
Sudhanshu Dayal
Project management
Dependable, unrelentingly passionate in his duty and truly irreplaceable, he is a pillar of support.
Gopi Ram
Office manager
Strong and silent, when he speaks his advice and rationale is invaluable.
Mohit Manchanda
Talented, practical, wise and gifted, her empathy and intelligence charms everyone she meets.
Jolene Prins
Director, content writer
Energizer bunny, always ready to go, prepared to work day or night, his energy is infectious.
Rohit Bagga

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